Deploy 51


  • 502 Redirects automatically remove trailing slashes.
  • 503 There is additional help text and examples on redirects screen

Custom Fields:

  • 539 Custom fieldsets and fields now use underscores as slug separator (539)
  • 551 Custom fieldset fields now use a sortable handle. Template tags are selectable.

Theme Editor:

  • 544 Category headers in left column of theme editor now match folder structure
  • 546 Theme Editor now supports ICO image files
  • 547 Adding a folder, file, or upload will auto-open the containing folder if not already open
  • 531 Works in FireFox again. Removing console.log() calls from Theme Editor iframe template
  • 527 Theme Editor will now immediately open new template or stylesheet files
  • 529 Theme Editor embedded docs sidebar is now pretty
  • 529 Theme Editor embedded docs tool tips now highlight the example code


  • 542 Creating a link to the home page in the site tree no longer breaks the site tree.
  • 552 The Link type no longer has a slug when creating a new one
  • 554 Gallery no longer pulls in blog posts for the categories panel.
  • 540 Sort By is no longer blank by default for page subtypes and the folder type.
  • 557 Forms now show subpages correctly.
  • 556 Comment processing now auto prepends http:// if it does not exist and is not blank (or the word Website).
  • 559 feeds now default to -publishedAt on creation and save, also added maintenance script to set this ordering on all existing feeds.
  • 438 Added link to support email address.

Front-end Templating:

  • 549 this.url is now included in error templates (including 404s)
  • 566 Added (hifi.url.comments) URL var for comment submission end point for future flexibility with comments.