Deploy 75

  • New, Streamlined Header Design
  • Development tab now jumps straight to active Theme
  • New active theme path and "Edit These Templates" Bookmarklet
  • Submission notification subject lines improved to better work with Gmail Threading

Deploy 70

  • Added client-side validation for many editor pages
  • Improved User Management screen styling
  • 301 Redirect based on correct trailing Slash
  • Improved Error Message Friendliness on Invalid Comments

Deploy 64

  • Site Setting added to Prevent Search Engines from Indexing the Website (via robots.txt)
  • Site Setting added to Hold Google Analytics Account Number
  • Page level exclusion from the Sitemap added
  • New Settings made available to the templates

Deploy 63

  • Add UI to insert multiple authors and retreive them across page-views
  • Add a nice icon for adding an author
  • Update baseline templates to display multiple authors per post. HIFI-275
  • Modify Forms API to throw out relationships with an empty "to" value. HIFI-275
  • Move comment submission into HiFi. HIFI-645
  • Fix comment email template, add back libraries to make old-style comment script work. HIFI-645
  • Add checkboxes to Settings screen to determine if the admin email receives notifications of comments or form submissions. HIFI-645
  • Added hifi.merge( '-publishedAt', [ .. array of objects .. ], { query },) to the templating system
  • Fixed Default Form Submission Message Typo
  • Added 'search' to the page picker. Made search default over browse.
  • Vastly improved the performance of the page picker / backend.

Deploy 65

  • HiFi logo now returns users to the site tree!
  • Globally launch file manager from anywhere in the CMS
  • Improved language on Robots.txt options
  • Move 'view site' in the header


Small Update

  • Pagination added to Authors in the CMS
  • Pagination added to Categories in the CMS
  • Sidebar now shows ALL Categories
  • Minor Redirect Fix

Late Feb Deploy

  • Upgraded the theme editor from Skywriter to Ace. 
  • Added Ace settings popup to the theme editor
  • Submissions now have spam filtering
  • Panel header controls have been redesigned for easier use.

Deploy 67

  • Fixed variable selection background bug
  • Added icons to the sidebar documentation
  • Added local storage caching to the sidebar documentation
  • Improved column widths for less wrapping

Deploy 61

  • HIFI-600 Add "quality" option to imagesize Twig filter and supporting PHP class. 
  • HIFI-627 Markdown custom fields repaired
  • HIFI-628 Theme Editor JS syntax highlighting improved
  • HIFI-628 Theme Editor tabstop is now 4 instead of 8
  • HIFI-629 Theme Editor will now ALWAYS prompt you when you attempt to leave the theme editor page
  • HIFI-637 Content controller now looks for site setting disable_indexing to determine whether robots.txt disallows or allows all.
  • HIFI-638 Content and redirects now match against full query string and file name extensions.

Deploy 55/56

  • Fix TinyMCE link dialog to be compatible with new pagelink.js plugin. HIFI-379
  • Increase limt on publish page author drop-down from 25 to 200
  • Allow data and id attributes on <object> in TinyMCE
  • HIFI-596 Theme Editor now displays warning notification if AJAX request throws an error
  • HIFI-429 Changing Tree List add content hover link to add subcontent

Deploy 51


  • 502 Redirects automatically remove trailing slashes.
  • 503 There is additional help text and examples on redirects screen

Custom Fields:

  • 539 Custom fieldsets and fields now use underscores as slug separator (539)
  • 551 Custom fieldset fields now use a sortable handle. Template tags are selectable.

Theme Editor:

  • 544 Category headers in left column of theme editor now match folder structure
  • 546 Theme Editor now supports ICO image files
  • 547 Adding a folder, file, or upload will auto-open the containing folder if not already open
  • 531 Works in FireFox again. Removing console.log() calls from Theme Editor iframe template
  • 527 Theme Editor will now immediately open new template or stylesheet files
  • 529 Theme Editor embedded docs sidebar is now pretty
  • 529 Theme Editor embedded docs tool tips now highlight the example code


  • 542 Creating a link to the home page in the site tree no longer breaks the site tree.
  • 552 The Link type no longer has a slug when creating a new one
  • 554 Gallery no longer pulls in blog posts for the categories panel.
  • 540 Sort By is no longer blank by default for page subtypes and the folder type.
  • 557 Forms now show subpages correctly.
  • 556 Comment processing now auto prepends http:// if it does not exist and is not blank (or the word Website).
  • 559 feeds now default to -publishedAt on creation and save, also added maintenance script to set this ordering on all existing feeds.
  • 438 Added link to support email address.

Front-end Templating:

  • 549 this.url is now included in error templates (including 404s)
  • 566 Added (hifi.url.comments) URL var for comment submission end point for future flexibility with comments.

Deploy 59

  • Image Resize Plugin (imagesize) now allows quality to be adjusted.  (75 is default, 99 max)
  • IE8 and IE9 now supported by the control panel

Deploy 50

  • Max length of URLs now 1024 characters and this length is enforced by the API. Longer URLs will be automatically truncated. (HIFI-522)
  • Improvements to nightly back-up script (HIFI-533)
  • Homepage save no longer fails new URL policy checks (HIFI-536)
  • Links to external URLs are no longer prefixed with '/' (HIFI-541)
  • Links to internal URLs are no longer de-duplicated (HIFI-553)
  • Links sidebar no longer disappearing after saves (HIFI-553)


Deploy 58

  • HIFI-609 Email address now included on comments in backend
  • HIFI-617 Documentation theme editor tabs now close successfully in Firefox
  • HIFI-608 Submission lightbox should appear even if First Name and/or Email are undefined.
  • HIFI-568 Adding browser upgrade page for IE users.
  • HIFI-624 Updated Skywriter to v0.9a2 with command line, less console errors.
  • HIFI-625 Theme Editor full screen shortcut is now Ctrl+Shift+F12
  • HIFI-607 Theme Editor templates folder now supports XML, JSON, and RSS extensions.


Deploy 52

  • Enable "trim" filter in Twig and use it to enable support for default select values in the baseline template form helper.
  • HIFI-564 Theme Editor now saves to the correct file even after that file is renamed
  • HIFI-526 Theme Editor now successfully removes DOM elements upon file or folder deletion
  • HIFI-562 Theme Editor full-screen now activated by Ctrl+Shift+F11
  • HIFI-529 Theme Editor embedded docs styling improved along with more intuitive interaction
  • HIFI-577 Removing Theme Editor docs caching so docs refresh on reload
  • HIFI-584 Refactoring theme editor options menu
  • HIFI-585 Adding Markdown custom field type
  • HIFI-586 Renaming a theme editor folder will now update file paths in all child nodes
  • HIFI_587 Removing a theme editor folder will now close open tabs for any child file
  • HIFI-584 Final changes
  • HIFI-479 Theme Editor will now confirm file overwrites when adding, renaming, or uploading files
  • HIFI-590 Markdown preview CSS no longer conflicts with Theme Editor uploader CSS
  • Fixing Theme Editor Uploader error CSS so that icon displays correctly