.append({NEW NODE}, callback)

.append({NEW NODE}, callback) – This appends a new node to all nodes the selector matches. A type is required.

hifi({type: 'list'}).children().append({type: 'comment', author: 'Joel', content: 'Yo all these posts rock'}, function(){ alert('lots of comments created'); });

.create({NEW NODE}, callback)

.create({NEW NODE}, callback) – This creates a new node based on the json passed in. A type and parent are required; the parent must be specified by its id, not a selector object.

hifi().create({type: 'comment', parent: '238983453', author: 'Joel', content: 'Yo this post rocks'}, function() { alert('New Comment Created'); });


.promote(callback) – This promotes all matched nodes to be the latest version. It makes the most sense to use on a single old node you want to make the current one.

hifi({type: 'Page', title: 'A Page'}).versions().get(function(results){ hifi(results.5).promote(function(){ alert('Version 6 Promoted'); }) });


.remove(callback) – This removes everything the selector matches.

hifi({type: 'post', url: '/slideshow'}).children({type: 'comment'}).remove(function() { alert('all comments removed'); });


.update({delta},callback) – This updates the fields specified in the delta object. The optional callback parameter will be called once the update has completed.

hifi({query}).update({key:'changed values'},function(){ alert('Page Updated'); });