children({SELECTOR}) – this finds the children of the current selector that also match the selector that has been passed in. For example:

hifi({type: 'list', title: 'Blog'}).children({author: 'Eli Van Zoeren'});

That selects all posts in the blog written by Eli.


count(value) – this just adds count: value to the current selector, limiting the number of results returned.


find({SELECTOR}) – this just adds (or overwrites) more to the current selector.

hifi({type: 'page'}).find({author: 'Joel'})

This is the same as

hifi({type: 'page', author: 'Joel'})


orderBy(value) – this just adds orderBy: 'value' to the current selector. The format that the data API uses is ‘attr’ or ‘-attr’.


versions() – this adds fresh: [0,1], orderBy: '-node' to the selector. In practice, it returns all versions of the content that is already selected.

hifi({id: '12312315443'}).versions()