Matching Values

Matching values is the simplest thing you can do in HiFi.  To get all "Contact" forms, you would use the following query:


Queries like this do an exact match across each field given. So all items returned would have a type of 'form' and the exact title 'Contact'.

But suppose you don't know the EXACT title of the form.  You can also use a number of matching modifiers to get exactly what you want.  All you need to do is put the modifier in a subobject. For example:


This will return all forms with a title that LIKE matches "%Contact%".  So that would include titles like "Contact Us" and "Our Contact Form" in addition to simply "Contact".

The one other trick you can use, is including a subarray to match against multiple values. So we could get all posts written by Joel Sutherland and Josh Lockhart with the following query:

{'type':'post','author':['Joel Sutherland','Josh Lockhart']}

Note that these techniques cannot currently be combined. It is not possible to put a 'like' object in a multiple match array.








One sided Like







One sided notLike