The HiFi Query language is a simple, JSON-based language for pulling data from your website.  While simple, it is extremely powerful.  The entire HiFi application was built on top of the API, which means it should have no problem handling most websites.

The primary idea behind the query language is that you ask for what you want back.  For example this simple query...


...returns all items that are of type form.  We can match against any properties of the type we are looking for.  For example, this would return all forms with a title of "Contact":


The results that are returned are always in an array, even if there is just one item.  They are JSON objects in the same format as the query language. So the "Contact" form query might return this:

[{'type':'form','id':'098965757sdf6757','title':'Contact','publishedAt':123234845 ...}]

That is a quick overview of how the language works.  This simple concept can be extended to do all kinds of powerful things.  For details on the ideas, look at all of the documentation in this section.