Categories allow users to sort their content into different category groups so that similar content can be grouped together. Categories can be used to classify your work into different types or to sort your blog posts so that similar posts are grouped together.

By using the categories feature you’re making it easier for visitors to find the content they are interested in.

The Categories tab is located on the main page of HiFi after logging in. To view the section, simply click on the tab located in the right hand corner of the page. 


Each of the categories will be listed in alphabetical order. By clicking on one of the categories, you can view what content on your site is classified under that category. 

How to add a new category

In the top left corner of the Categories tab, there is a button labeled Add a Category.

Basics.Categories.How to add a new category

After selecting Add a Category enter the name of the new category in the title box as you would like it to appear in the category listing.

Basics.Categories.Adding a category 2

Select Save Page. Your new category has been created!

How to delete a category

In the general list of categories there is a red delete button located to the far right of each category listing.

Basics.Categories.Deleting a category

After selecting the red delete button, you be prompted “Are you sure you want to delete the category?” Select yes. You have just deleted your category!

How to categorize content

When you go to add new content to your site, you will see a categories button in the left sidebar of the content editor. 

Select the Categories button. A drop down menu will appear with all of the categories that have been created for your website. 

Basics.Categories.How to categorize content

Check the box next to the category you would like the page to be categorized under. Select Save Page. You have successfully categorized your content!