The Site Tree

The site tree organizes the content of your site. Each page can be nested as deep as you like with navigation arrows letting you know if a folder or page contains subpages. It allows you to view all of the content of your site, including all folders, pages, forms, and galleries you've created. This sections reviews the following:

Viewing content
Adding a subpage
Moving content to a different section
Rearranging subpages within a section

Viewing Content

To view the subpages of a specific section, simply click on the navigation arrow to the left of the section title and the subcontent will appear below.

Basics.Site Tree.View Content

Adding a Subpage

There are two ways to add new content to your website - from the general Site Tree view or from the specific section view.

Adding a Subpage from the Main Site Tree

Basics.Stie Tree.Adding Subpage arrow

In order to add a new page of content to an existing section, hover over the section and click on the green add subpage link that appears to the right.  When you select the type of content you want to add, HiFi will load a new blank page for you to edit.

Adding a Subpage from the Specific Section View

If you are viewing a specific section of your site in the backend, you can also add a new page from the section view. In the section view there are two tabs. The first, labeled Content, is where content for the current section or page you are viewing is placed.

Basics.Site Tree.Adding subpage specific view

The second tab, located directly below the Content tab and labeled Pages Under [Section Name], are where subpages for the current section are listed. At the top of this tab is a button labeled Add a Subpage. To add a new subpage to the section that you are currently viewing, select the Add a Subpage button and choose which content type you want to add. HiFi will then load a new blank page for you.

Moving Content to a Different Section of the Site

In order to move a subpage or subfolder of content to a different section of the site, navigate to the specific folder or page that you would like to move.

Basics.Site Tree.Moving 1

Located on the left hand side of the page, below the Save Page and Save Draft buttons is a blue link titled Show Publishing Details. Click the link so that the publishing details drop down. Under the details is a dropdown menu labeled Parent.

Basics.Site Tree.Moving Content 2

Basics.Site Tree.Moving Content 3

The Parent of a page is the section that your current page is located in.  To change the Parent, click on the dropdown menu and type what section you would like the current page to be located. You can also use the navigation arrows to navigate to the section that you would like your page to appear under.  After you select the new parent, select the Save Page button in the top, left corner. Your page is now at its new location!

Rearranging Subpages within a Section

In order to change the way in which the subpages are organized in a section, navigate to the section you would like to re-order.

Basics.Site Tree.Rearranging

Under the 'Pages Under' tab, located in the right-hand corner of the tab is a drop-down menu labeled Sort By. There are four ways in which you can order the content under each section.  They are:

Date Modified (default): Puts the most recently edited pages at the top of the section.
Title: Puts the pages in alphabetical order (A-Z) by the first word in the title of the page.
Date Published: Puts the pages in order by their publishing date, with the most recently published pages at the top of section. This type of ordering is not affected by edits made later on.
Drag and Drop: Allows you to rearrange the pages in the section however you like, regardless of title, date published or date modified.

Drag and Drop Sorting

To sort your pages with Drag and Drop sorting, select Drag and Drop from the Sort by drop-down. Move your cursor to the left-hand side of the page in the Pages Under tab that you would like to move so that your cursor changes to a crosshair icon.

Select the page and drag it to where you would like it to be located in the section. In order for the new sorting to take effect be sure to select the Save Page button located in the top, right-hand corner.