Building a form

A form is a set of input fields that allows visitors on your site to submit information. A common example is a Contact form, which may include a name, email and message field.

Add a Form to your site

To add a form to your site, add a form content type to your site tree. Once in your site tree, select the name of the form to begin adding fields.

To begin, move your mouse over the Add Form Field button underneath the Form Editor section.

Web Forms.Building a Form 1

Next, select a field from the popular or basic sections.

Edit a Field

Once a field has been inserted, select edit field to make changes or set the parameters of the field. This includes options like:

  • Changing the label
  • Adding default instructions
  • Making a field required

Once you've made changes, select done or cancel

edit field

Arrange or Delete a Field

Once a field has been inserted, you can arrange them in any order by dragging-and-dropping. When hovering over the left-hand side of a field, you'll notice the cursor change to  cursor and a raised border appear. Select, hold and drag this border to arrange the field.


Once you're finished building your form, select save page to save your changes. Your form has now complete. A sample contact form is below.


sample form