Email notifications & confirmation messages

Setting Up Email Notifications

Once you have created your form, you will likely want to set up email notifications so that you're notified when a form submission is received.

To set up these email notifications, find the Form Editor section of the forms page and select the Notifications tab.

Add the email addresses to the Notifications field. If you're entering multiple addresses, separate with a comma.

Select the Save Page button. You have set up email notifications!

Redirecting a Form Submission

Once a form is submitted the user can automatically be redirected to any other page on the site (for example, a "Thank You" page). In order to do this, fill out the Redirect URL field, found within the Notifications tab of the Form Editor.

The format for creating redirects is only the bold portion of The redirect begins with a  forward slash following your base domain and includes the rest of the end URL.

For example, the redirect may read "/subdomain/thanks-for-registering," etc, if the title of your thank-you page is "Thanks for Registering".

Confirmation Message

If you would simply like to have a confirmation message indicating to the user that the form has been successfully submitted instead of a redirect page, leave the Redirect URL field blank and fill out the Confirmation message text box (as shown above).