Form Submissions

Find Form Submissions

There are two places to view a list of the form submissions.

Submissions from all forms on a site are listed on the homepage - below the main site tree on the right. 

To view only the submissions from a single form, go to that individual form page.

Web Forms.Form Submission 2

View Individual Form Submission

To view an individual's submission, click on the name or email and a box will pop up with their submitted information. 

In the top section you will find the Name and Email for this submission and a link to the Related Form - which links to the form page this information corresponds with.

The next section holds all the information submitted.  The field label is in white text with the submitted information is below in gray text.

For check boxes, all field labels will appear - if a box is checked it will say Yes in gray below, if a box is not checked no gray text will appear below that field label.