Linking within a Web Page

Anchor links are used in order to link to a specific area on a single page.  Anchors are very easy to set up in HiFi.  There are two steps to creating anchored links: establishing an anchor and linking to an anchor.

Establish an Anchor

To establish an anchor on a page, first, decide where on the page you would like to link to. Next, highlight the text that you want to anchor.  This will be where the link you create in the next step will take the user.

Click the ‘Anchor’ button in the editor.

Anchor button

A popup box will appear.  Insert an anchor name, this can be whatever you want but cannot include spaces.  Then click insert.  You will see the anchor symbol within your text, this means your anchor has been set.

Anchor icon

You just established an anchor.  Now you can link to that anchor within the page.

Link to an Anchor

First, highlight the text you would like to link to the anchor.  This will be where users click to go to the anchor you have made. Next, click the ‘Link’ button in the editor.

Link button

A popup box will appear.  Click the dropdown menu to the right of the line item called “Anchors.” You will see a list of all the anchors you have established on this page. Select the Anchor you want to link to.

Link popup

Click insert then save the page. You have created a link to your anchor.  Just repeat these steps to add other anchors and links throughout the rest of your page.

Time Saving Tip: You can set up all of your anchors first then link them to save time