Embedding Videos, Images and much more

YouTube has over 100 million viewers so it makes sense to put your video content in a network where so many people are already going to watch videos. YouTube also makes it extremely easy to place their videos on your webpage, so there is no reason not to embed YouTube videos on your website.

To embed a YouTube video on a page in the HiFi Content Management System, find your video onYouTube.

Click on the Share icon below the video's description.

Locate the Embed code on the YouTube page. 
Copy the Embed code by highlighting it and pressing Ctrl + c 

Go to the page in the CMS on which you want to place the YouTube video.

Click on the HTML button. You will see a pop-up box with your page as it is written in HTML.

Scan through the HTML and search for where you want to place the video. For example, beneath step step 8, and place your cursor there.

Paste the Embed code by pressing Ctrl + v and then click Update.

Select the Save Page button located in the top left corner. You have just embedded your YouTube video!