Linking to a file (PDF, DOC, etc)

Creating a link to a file

Before setting up the link, we recommend first naming and saving the file you want to link in an easy to access location on your computer. (My Desktop, Documents, etc)

To create a link to a file from your computer, begin by highlighting the word or phrase you would like to function as the link. Then, select the link button show, below in the content editor.

Once the uploader appears on your screen, select the Browse icon, to the right of the URL field (shown below) to choose your file.

The Moxicode File Manager will now appear on your screen. Click the Upload button in the top right-hand corner.

You will be able to Choose Files from your computer. Find the file that you would like to place, select it and a choose Upload to Server.

The file will now be shown in the File Manager. To finish creating the link, be sure that the file is checked in the File Manager, and select Insert (as shown below).

Your file has been established as a link!