Editing URLs

HiFi gives you full control over the URL composition of different pages.  This handy feature makes it easy for you to create Search Engine Optimized URLs and to also create short URLs for landing page campaigns.  HiFi's clean, customizable URLs set it apart from most other systems and are just one way for you to have more control over your site.

When editing a page, you'll see a Show Metadata option just below the title bar.

SEO.show metadata

Click on the link to dropdown the SEO options.


Within this area, you'll see a URL field that is editable and already has a structure in place.  The default structure of HiFi's URLs is to have the main domain and then the /'s separating the subsequent sections within which the page is nested. 

We recommend maintaining this basic structure, as it makes it easy to ensure you don't create pages with the same URL and it is a logical structure for visitors and search engines.


Before you actually save the page, you'll see an ugly string of characters before the actual editable area -- that will disappear once the page is saved and will not be present anywhere in the URL.

After the nesting, you'll see "[slug]" (called a "URI"). This text is automatically replaced with the page's title once the page is saved.  So, you don't need to worry about entering the page title as the URI, because HiFi will automatically take care of it. 

If you wish to have a URI different than the page title, simply delete the slug and enter your desired text separated by dashes

Note: the URI should relate to the page title and content, as Google looks at the relationship to understand the content on that page.

For a landing page with a short URL, you can always feel free to delete the entire nesting structure and your URI will be immediately after the main URL. 

Note: For small sites, it may even make sense to have all of your URLs structured like this, but it can quickly get confusing for larger sites.

Following these steps, you can customize URLs on your site, helping them be more search engine friendly and customized for landing page campaigns.