One of the nicest features of HiFi is that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is baked right into the CMS.  You can help your site rise in search rankings just by leveraging all of the on-page optimization features included in HiFi.  This tutorial looks at how to edit the Metadata.

When editing a page, you'll see a Show Metadata option just below the title bar.


Click on the link to dropdown the SEO options.


The two options in this area that relate to Metadata are the Title Tag and the Description

Title Tags are what appear at the top of a browser window or tab -- they're an important element of the page's code that tell Google what this page is about. 

The description is what will appear in the Google results, telling searching users what your page is about.

Use the fields to enter in the Title Tags and Meta Descriptions.  

Note: Title Tags should be less than 70 total characters.  Meta descriptions should be less than 160 characters.

By filling out the metadata on each page, you've completed perhaps the most important element of on-page optimization.