Editing a user's permissions

Select the user whose permissions you would like to edit from the list of users under the users tab in the backend.

Below the general user information, there will be the permissions section. These permissions will be set to the permissions that coincide with the role this user was assigned. To modify the permissions for this user select the 'Modify' link next to the area that you wish to change. 

The menu will load with only the Website in view, so to control a specific area of the website, use the navigation arrows to find the area you area looking for.

From the dropdown menu, select the permission you wish this user to have for this area. The following are the optional permissions:

Inherit: The user's permissions for this page will maintain the permissions of the section it is contained within. For example, if you give the user the ability to read and edit the blog section overall, they will be able to edit each page within that section, without having to go through each page and set permissions.

Read-only: The user will be able to view the content, but will be unable to edit it.

Read + write: The user will be able to view and edit content.

After you select the permissions you wish the user to have, select the save button. You have successfully edited the user's permissions!