This section reviews how to add users to edit your website and control what part of the website they can edit through the content management system. 

With HiFi, controlling who has access to view and edit areas of your website is easy. Through the Users tab located in the main menu of the backend, you can create and modify the roles that each user is assigned to. You can also add, edit, and delete users as you need to. 

Roles and Users

Roles allow you to create a set of permissions and then assign the users you wish to receive those permissions to that role, instead of having to construct permissions for each user one by one.

For example: Users assigned to the 'System Administrator' role could have the most editing power, whereas users assigned to 'Staff' role could have editing access to one area of the site, such as the blog.

Users are the people who can login to the backend of your website. Each person within your organization can be set up as a user on HiFi. Each user is assigned a role that gives them permissions to view and/or edit areas of the site.