Editing Content

The content editor in HiFi makes it easy to manage the content of your site.  Each HiFi type has its own editor, but they all share a similar look and feel.  The editor shown here is for a basic page.

By default, many non essential fields are hidden.  This makes it easy to get up and running without much confusion.  When you enter a title, HiFi will automatically generate a pretty url for you.

The text editor for content is a highly customized version of TinyMCE.  In non-nerdtalk, that means that it is super easy to use and is well integrated into HiFi.  For developers, it encourages the use of semantic elements, cleans up MS Word formatting and has a handy HTML view.

For content editors, the interface will be familiar if you've used Word and common tasks have been made easy.  When adding links, you can browse your HiFi content to find the page you are looking for.  A handy popup helps with images and uploads.  Perhaps the coolest feature is the orange embed.ly button.  This allows you to embed content from hundreds of sites like youtube, twitter, slideshare and vimeo simply by pasting in a link.

We've tried to make the content editing as easy and user-friendly as possible!