SEO and Metadata

By clicking the 'Show Metadata' link under the page title, it is also possible to take advanced control of a pages SEO and metadata information.

When it comes to SEO, HiFi is very smart.  By default it will generate a pretty url for you -- one that uses you site's organization as well.  Should you want to manually change that, it is super easy.  HiFi automatically remembers all of the URLs that page has ever had, and makes sure to 301 redirect them to the latest version of the page.  This way, you never lose SEO credit by making a URL look better.

You also have direct control over your page's title tag and meta description.  The title tag helps search engines know what your page is about.  Both the title tag and meta description are often used by search engines when deciding how to display a page in their results.

We have opted not to include meta keywords because no search engines use them anymore.