The Home Screen

Once you log in to HiFi, you are presented with the home screen.  This shows your content tree, latest comments and latest form submissions.  It is a great place to see what is going on with your site at a glance.

The site tree shows all of the content in your site.  Content can be reordered and nested indefinitely.  There are several different types of content that can be added anywhere.  To add content, you just need to mouseover some existing content.  To reorder content, just drag-and-drop.  In addition to your site content, there are also tabs at the top where you can control your Categories and Authors.  All content for your site shows up here.

Below the site tree to the left is the comments pane.  This shows the latest comments from across your entire site. This is a great place to quickly get up to speed on the activity that is happening on your site. If you want to see the comments from a particular page, you can do so by visiting that page's editor.

In the bottom right is the submissions pane.  This shows the latest submissions from all forms on your site.  You can also view the submissions for individual forms by visiting that specific form.  You can also export your submissions to CSV there.